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My Target PC Setup

I became a fan of be quiet!, maybe i ll just buy some of these, here a configuration I think may be interesting:
PC Setup

It costs however something:
2013-03-18 1 426,91 EUR

I used the Enermax Power Supply Calculator to calculate the required Power. I got to 644 W, since I may end up with a extra Graphics card (then totalling i chose 848W) I decided to go for a 1000W PSU.

Interestingly be quiet! and Nanoxia are german companies. I didnt realize this before.

My new tv

I bought this USB DVB-C/T module to replace may dinosaur PCI DVB-C Card. Unfortunately Hauppage has in my point not a very user-friendly software, so the TV experience under windows is suboptimal. However since the last Linux Kernel, the appropriate drivers are in the kernel. So it works out-of-the-box under linux and performance is fantastic.