Computing the PageRank on your own?

Lately I have been reading a lot about search engines, specifically, because I wanted to know how random content is handled. I also tried to compute the PageRank for a random connectivity matrix. However I thought t would be interesting to compute the same ranking for my own blog. People already tried to replicate what Google does. I also found some libraries, that provide this functionality:

However these are to complicated and primarily supposed to be used for search, so it not so much fun to use these for experimenting, unless you want to build a search engine.

SAMSUNG Galaxy S2 reformating – success

Samsung Galaxy S2 with the internal storage size visible
I’ve been having for some time problems with my Samsung Galaxy S2. The primary (DATAFS) partition is only 2GB large which is increasingly insufficient for apps and basic updates. I did a small search on the internet and found a few hints and tried them out. Not all of these were successful. In the end I succeeded, and here is what I did to get there:

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