Must-have Gallery3 Modules

I have been Using the Gallery Project for some time for storing my public images on the web. I found these modules interesting and will try them out, since I consider them to be a must have:

  • Gallery3:Modules:captionator
    This module, allows to rename or add captions to multiple images at once, a useful feature if you are adding a lot of images.
  • Gallery3:Modules:html5_upload
    Works great, is much better then the build in Flash-based upload. Just don’t forget to remove the “-master” (and only “-master”) from the module folder name, otherwise it won’t work.
  • Gallery3:Modules:metadescription
    Automatically generates and inserts KEYWORD and DESCRIPTION meta tags in the header of the HTML document, also something, what may help optimize informations on your page at a rather low cost.
  • Gallery3:Modules:externals
    This module allows to use data from the gallery in a external page (e.g. as a call from a php script on a different page). Like this you can show random or latest images from your gallery on a different page.
  • Gallery3:Modules:arrow_nav
    This module adds keyboard navigation to your Gallery. This may help if you don’t want to use those monstrous flash/javascript image-carousels, which are not very mobile friendly, but still want to have a convenient way to look through your images.
  • Gallery3:Modules:rebuild_items
    I find this one plugin being a absolute necessity. Since now and then it happens that creating Image Thumbnails/Resizes fails and a image rebuild fix becomes necessary. In a plain Gallery install one would only have the option to rebuild ALL images, therefore rebuild_items is extremely helpful, since one can selectively rebuild just the failed images.
  • html5video
    Since the current Gallery version uses a external Player (flowplayer), which I find very unconvenient and not mobile-friendly I decided to implement a module that uses plain html5 to display videos. This is now commonly supported by many current browsers. To read more about the module look at this post.

I think extending the functionality on Gallery3 is easy, but it is not so easy to find the right modules and navigate through them, the modules page of Gallery3 is not well managed and adding modules to the Gallery3 repository seems almost impossible. But if you need them, they can be found.

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