Repartitioning the Samsung Galaxy S2

Samsung Galaxy S2 with the internal storage size visible

I’ve been having for some time problems with my Samsung Galaxy S2. The primary (DATAFS) partition is only 2GB large which is increasingly insufficient for apps and basic updates. I did a small research and found
the following links interesting:

link 1[GUIDE] External2Internal Ultimate

Uses parted to change the partition layout and edits the /system/etc/vold.fstab to swap the internal and external sdcard.
link 2[GUIDE] Enlarge DATAFS partition and get rid of Internal SD (UMS)

Uses a .pit file to change the partition layout and the changes a .apk package to have the external sd card mount as internal (which I find too complicated).
link 3How to use Heimdall

Gives a general introduction into using the Heimdall Suite, which is used to flash/download images to the phone.

I would propose to try the repartitioning using a .pit file from link 2 and swapping the internal/external sdcard mountpoints with editing /system/etc/vold.fstab . As soon as I find time I will try this out myself. However I advice to be cautious, because all the resources are only forum posts and therefore not very credible.
I would advice everybody to read link 3 (and google for other resources) about the usage of Heimdall because the official Heimdall site does not offer a lot of informations.

I finally succeeded in repartioning my phone, I wrote a summary about that in the post SAMSUNG Galaxy S2 reformating – success.

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