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Batch convert Images on Windows and Linux

I encountered a common problem when preparing images for the web (e.g. this blog), from screenshots or from renders. These are usually available as .tiff or .pnm formats or have been processed with GIMP resulting in .xcf file. Converting these to .pngs or jpegs with GIMP or some viewer software makes it a click intensive task. There are a plenty of applications with GUIs for this task. These are however bloated with functions one normally does not need. There is a faster way to do this with a simple batch script. Continue reading Batch convert Images on Windows and Linux

Skype mutes all sounds under Linux – fixed

I had lately the problem, that the new Skype version mutes all other sounds (e.g. playing videos) when a notification sound is played. This is quite annoying, since skype normally notifies at all occasions, when a contact logs on, when a contact logs off….

However this seems not be a genuine skype problem Continue reading Skype mutes all sounds under Linux – fixed

Compression Basics under Linux

Compressing files and folders on linux is not always an easy task. This is mainly due to the lack and impracticability of compressing GUI tools under linux.
Basicly the most easy way is to use gnuzip (gz) in conjuncion with tar. This can be done either in 2 steps (first create a tar container and then gzip this container) or directly using the corresponding switches from tar

Another option would be Continue reading Compression Basics under Linux

fstab mount by UUID

I recently ran across a bug when installing Fedora 20. The installer crashed when trying to probe mdraid. This also happened when I (completely) disconnected the array from the computer. The problem was, that the installer was probing the /etc/fstab in the old fedora installation I wanted to overwrite. Here the raid array was mounted as

This is however now anyway deprecated Continue reading fstab mount by UUID

Iframes in WordPress

I recently got into huge problems with iframes on WordPress. I tried a lot of things and was not really sucessfull. The background probably is, that wp tries to avoid any imput with the iframe tag. So, what happened to me was, that the admin user was able to create an iframe, BUT as soon as the html code of the post got updated by another user, the iframe was gone as if had never been there. So I propose using a plugin to input iframes with wp’s shortcodes (e.g. iframe).