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Batch convert Images on Windows and Linux

I encountered a common problem when preparing images for the web (e.g. this blog), from screenshots or from renders. These are usually available as .tiff or .pnm formats or have been processed with GIMP resulting in .xcf file. Converting these to .pngs or jpegs with GIMP or some viewer software makes it a click intensive task. There are a plenty of applications with GUIs for this task. These are however bloated with functions one normally does not need. There is a faster way to do this with a simple batch script. Continue reading Batch convert Images on Windows and Linux

html5video – html5 video support for Gallery3

I recently wrote about some Gallery3 modules that I find useful. One Idea that came up to my mind was to implement html5 video in Galley 3. So I did that. The result is not that spectacular, but can be found and downloaded from GitHub. The big advantage compared to other video.js or flash based solutions is a better support for mobile devices.

The installation is simple, just copy the module to the modules folder of your Gallery3 installation and enable it in the Admin/Modules panel.

You can see the result for example in my Gallery, e.g. in the Grass rendering video page. A precondition is of course your browser supports the video tag.

A screenshot form my Gallery page.
A screenshot form my Gallery page.

Computing the PageRank on your own?

Lately I have been reading a lot about search engines, specifically, because I wanted to know how random content is handled. I also tried to compute the PageRank for a random connectivity matrix. However I thought t would be interesting to compute the same ranking for my own blog. People already tried to replicate what Google does. I also found some libraries, that provide this functionality:

However these are to complicated and primarily supposed to be used for search, so it not so much fun to use these for experimenting, unless you want to build a search engine.